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Jim Peterson Awards

Picture of Jim Peterson
The above picture of Jim Peterson was taken in Milwaukee in November, 1987.

The SouthWest Ninety Niners User Group has twice won the Jim Peterson Award. Once for Hardware at the 1997 Lima TI Faire and again for TI Community at the 1999 TI MUG '99 TI Fair.  The Jim Peterson Award, which was named for the famous TIer Jim Peterson, is given for four categories. They are Hardware, Software, Community, and Geneve 9640. This annual award is given in the memory of Jim Peterson, a real true blue TIer.

Jim Peterson Awards of 1999

Matt Matthews accepts the TI Community Service Award on behalf of the SouthWest Ninety Niners User Group. The award was won for the Fest West '98 held at the Texas Instruments Facility in Lubbock, Texas on February 14, 1998.

Jim Peterson Awards of 1997

Matt Matthews (right) accepts SW99UG award from Jim Krych Picture of Tom Wills' award
SW99UG member Matt Matthews (on right) accepting the Jim Peterson award from Jim Krych (also a SW99UG member) for the Super AMS card which was developed, produced, and sold by the SouthWest Ninety Niners User Group. The  Jim Peterson Award that presented to Tom Wills for TI Community service.
 Photos are courtesy of Charles Good
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