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Last Updated 10/22/2005
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Officers for the calendar year 1999/2000

President: Tom Wills
Vice President: BJ Mathis
Secretary: David Ormand
Treasurer: Rod Stallard
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Who To Contact:

 Technical Assistance Jack Mathis
Newsletter Editors:  Tom Wills
David Ormand
Disk of Month Preparation: Matt Matthews
Newsletter Librarian: Matt Matthews
Super AMS Card Technical Info: Jack Mathis
David Ormand
Official SouthWest Ninety Niners User Group's Internet Web Page:
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User Group Address

Until 4/1/2000:
SouthWest Ninety Niners Users Group
P.O. Box 17831
AZ 85711-7831

After 4/1/2000

SouthWest Ninety Niners User Group
c/o Tom Wills, President
6925 East Kingston Drive
AZ  85710-2214
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Membership meetings  No future membership meetings are planned.
Executive Board meetings Will be held on an as needed basis.
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On January 11, 2000, the membership of the SouthWest Ninety Niners User Group formally voted to disband the user group as a formal organization. The members of the SW99UG will continue to meet as desired in a more social atmosphere. There will be no more formal membership meetings. The Executive Board will continue to meet as needed until such time as a total orderly shutdown of the group has been accomplished.

The SW99UG web page will continue on as it always has. As will the Fest West '98 web page. The TI99 List Server will go off-line as of 2/10/2000 and will be replaced by the On-Line TI-99/4A User Group which was created on 12/26/1999 and will be hosted by

Please contact one of the SW99UG officers if you have any questions regarding the SouthWest Ninety Niners User Group. For questions regarding the On-Line TI-99/4A User Group, contact the Moderator/Manager, Tom Wills.

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