Unsung TI99ers
Procedures for submitting an Unsung TI99er

Who Qualifies?

The primary purpose of this site is to recongnize those who unselfishly contributed to the TI99er community and their local user group and/or geophical region of the TI99er community. Examples include the following: People NOT eligible for recognition on this this site are as follows:

The reasoning here is that those people have already been formally recognized and/or honored.

What is the Process?

The procedure for inclusion in this site is quite simple. All the submitter needs to do is compose a short narrative using the form below listing the contributions of the TI99er who they wish to recognize and submit it, in generic text format if possible, to the Webmaster of this site for posting. You may be contacted by the Webmaster if he has any questions.

If additional help or a question needs to be answered, please send the question to webmaster@ti99ers.org.

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