Barry Boone
Programmer Extraordinaire

photo of barry boone

Barry Boone has been one very busy TI99er. Among the projects accomplished by Barry are:

As a teenager, Barry was assisted in many of these projects with the help of a single step board that some company at the dawn of the TI once produced (the company ran ads in early copies of 99’er). It was a sidecar device with 8K of RAM that could be switched into the cart space, and had a load interrupt switch and a hardware debounce for the load interrupt, and was compatible with single step mode in TI's debugger. In addition, Barry created a modified version of TI’s RSBUG software that he often used when the 99/4A was in a non-text mode. This allowed full debugging from his VT100 terminal.

Barry was an assistant SysOp on GEnie, and also spent a lot of time with a Sysop account on Compuserve's TI Forum. Barry's handle on BBSes was "The Master". He also used it on ported programs when he didn't want his name revealed. People can probably remember seeing "Broken 19## by The Master" in other software that he was involved with.

Barry took a job at Creative Labs in 1993 (doing tech support and running their support BBS) and was there until late 1998 managing their global WAN network and Internet servers/routers. In 1999 Barry started an Internet company that does online deals and coupons, and has been doing that ever since.

Biography prepared by Tom Wills
Inducted into the TI99ers Hall of Fame on March 6, 2006