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Paolo Bagnaresi

Longtime Italian TI-99/4A Programmer, inducted on May 2, 2008

Paolo Bagnaresi is a well known Italian TI programmer. His emulators and programs have been available to the TI community since 1985 and are still in use by many TI enthusiasts. (view bio...)

Michael Becker

TI Hardware Developer, inducted on September 25, 2005

The German TI-er, Michael Becker, is certainly the best known non-commercial hardware developer in the TI community. He designed several peripheral cards for the TI Expansion System (view bio...)

Richard Bell

TI99 Hardware Service Expert, inducted on December 19, 2010

Richard Bell has given the TI99 community nearly two decades of dedicated, quality hardware repair and upgrade service for the TI-99/4A and Myarc "Geneve" 9640 (widely referred to as the Geneve). (view bio...)

John Edward Birdwell

Talented TI Software Author, inducted on September 19, 2007

John Edward Birdwell was a talented programmer who contributed a great deal to the TI community before his untimely death on December 28th 1990. John was ahead of his time (view bio...)

Barry Boone

Programmer Extraordinaire, inducted on March 6, 2006

As a teenager, Barry was assisted in many of these projects with the help of a single step board that some company at the dawn of the TI once produced (the company ran ads in early copies of 99'er). (view bio...)

Mickey Cendrowski

Adventure Gamer Extraordinaire, inducted on December 18, 2009

Since the mid-1980s Mickey Cendrowski (née Schmitt) has been a member of the TI community who has consistently exhibited a dedication to the TI-99/4A Home Computer, to the community that supported it (view bio...)

Chicago TI User Group

"A Super User Group" - The Oldest TI-99/4A User Group in United States, inducted on April 15, 2009

In September 1980, the Chicago TI User Group ("CTIUG") was formed by Jerry Strauss as one of the first TI-99 User Groups in the United States and he became its first President. (view bio...)

Dennis and Chris Faherty

A Father and Son Team, inducted on January 20, 2010

It can quite accurately be said that Dennis Faherty and son Chris Faherty spawned industries within the TI99er community with their creation of TI-Base and TI-Artist. (view bio...)

Anthony N. "Tony" Falco

Master 'Scruncher', inducted on February 2, 2011

Anthony N. "Tony" Falco was a mathematics and computer science teacher at Framingham High School in Framingham, MA for 28 years and a member of the MUNCH (Massachusetts Users of the Ninety-Nine Computer and Hobbyists) User Group. (view bio...)

Bill Gaskill

TI-99/4A and Geneve 9640 Historian, inducted on August 11, 2004

Bill Gaskill has remained at the forefront of many TI99ers' eyes and minds for his many contributions as a zealous chronicler of TI history, as a prolific programmer, as a fair and unbiased reviewer and as a data base guru. (view bio...)

Ken Gilliland

Artistic TI Programmer, inducted on February 12, 2010

In the world of TI-99 software, the programs of Ken Gilliland form a whole category on their own. His graphics oriented programs are, in addition to being excellent programming examples, unique in appearance. (view bio...)

Harald Glaab

SNUG Programmer, inducted on January 24, 2011

Harald Glaab is a very competent programmer who for over 20 years has contributed many very useful pieces of software to the TI community that are still in use today. (view bio...)

Dr. Charles Good

The Lima MUG Conferences and Curator of TI Software and Documentation, inducted on December 24, 2004

Over the years Charles Good (affectionately known as "Charlie") collected a vast amount of TI documentation, some of it very rare. Charles decided that it would benefit the community if he scanned everything he had (view bio...)

R. Arthur Green (Art)

TI Assembly Software Author, inducted on March 7, 2004

Art Green from Ottawa, Canada is a professional programmer who has made significant contributions in the field of TI assembly software. One distinguishing feature of the various programs which he has written is (view bio...)

Jacques Groslouis

Creator and Administrator of the TI99ers Hall of Fame, inducted on December 13, 2014

In October of 2003, Jacques Groslouis wrote that the TI99 community was in need of a hall of fame as a permanent place to honor and record outstanding achievements and contributions and that he was willing to work with interested TI99ers to reach that goal. (view bio...)

Bruce Harrison

TI Assembly Software Author, inducted on March 26, 2006

Bruce Harrison attended Pennsylvania State University with the aid of a US Navy grant, and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. He continued his career with the Navy, (view bio...)

Gene Hitz

A most prolific programmer, inducted on January 14, 2010

Eugene "Gene" Hitz started his involvement with the TI-99 Home Computer in the very early 1980s as a contributor to the 99/4 Users' Group Owner Written Software Library with programs like Bonkers and (view bio...)

James "Peter" Hoddie

Prolific Writer of all Things Computer, inducted on April 6, 2009

James Peter Hoddie, known better as J. Peter Hoddie or just Peter Hoddie, started out on a TI-99/4A as a teenager. In 1983 he was already writing games and selling them commercially under the company name (view bio...)

Frederik G. Kaal

Profilic TI Programmer, inducted on June 24, 2007

Fred Kaal studied Computer Technology at the HTS (Institute of Technology) in Alkmaar from 1982 until 1987. At this school the programming language Pascal was taught on a Pr1me One mini computer. (view bio...)

Lee Kitchens

Manager of Engineering, Texas Instruments Consumer Operation, 1979 - 1983, inducted on March 7, 2004

He was the manager of engineering for the consumer operation of Texas Instruments when the company was building the computer from 1979 through most of 1983. Knowing the inner workings, he had utmost confidence (view bio...)

Heiner Martin

TI Forscher (TI Researcher), inducted on February 16, 2008

Heiner Martin was an important publisher, designer and programmer for the TI99/4A Home Computer in the eighties. Many European TI users read his magazine publications. (view bio...)

Tony McGovern

"The Funnelweb (Atrax Robustus)", inducted on August 11, 2004

Tony McGovern's involvement with the TI-99/4A computer started just before Christmas 1982 when his son, Will, started pressuring for an Atari 2600 game box like all his friends had. (view bio...)


John Koloen, Publisher and Laura Burns, Editor, inducted on March 7, 2004

Laura Burns and John Koloen started publishing the Home Computer Compendium in 1984. They later changed the name to MICROpendium. This publication had the longest run of any TI-99/4A magazine (view bio...)

Beery Miller

Geneve 9640 Guru, inducted on March 7, 2004

Beery Miller is the Linus Torvalds of the TI world. Without Beery, the Geneve would have died on the vine, prematurely. Beery's biggest accomplishment was the MDOS buyout. (view bio...)

Craig Miller

Creative TI Entrepreneur, inducted on June 8, 2008

Craig Miller brought the TI community a huge volume of high quality products: software, hardware and publications. In 1982 Craig Miller started his commercial activities for the TI-99/4A and (view bio...)

Bud Mills

Facilitator, inducted on April 19, 2010

One would be hard pressed to find a vendor more committed to customer service than Bud Mills. During his frequent visits to the TI computer gatherings, he could sometimes be spotted sitting at his table (view bio...)

Dr. Thierry Nouspikel

TI Hardware Developer, inducted on July 6, 2006

Thierry was born in Switzerland and trained as a MD, but never actually practiced medicine, since he found out in medical school that he loved research much better than clinics. So he obtained a Ph.D. in biology at the (view bio...)

Ottawa TI-99/4A User's Group

A Canadian user group that contributed to the TI community, inducted on July 25, 2013

The Ottawa TI-99/4A User's Group (OTIUG) was formed in 1980 to provide a forum for persons in the Ottawa, Canada area who had bought a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Home Computer after its release in 1979. (view bio...)

Jim Peterson

Tigercub Software, inducted on March 7, 2004

Jim Peterson, a self-taught, gifted and prolific programmer in both TI Basic and Extended Basic, authored hundreds of programs during the early years of the TI-99/4A. Many will remember reading his (view bio...)

Lou Phillips

Communicator, Entrepreneur, Developer, and Dreamer, inducted on March 7, 2004

Lou Phillips brought to the TI-99/4A community, achievements recognized throughout the world. In his early days in the TI community, Lou recognized various needs within the TI community and built from the ground up (view bio...)

H. C. (Clint) Pulley

Developer of c99 for the TI99/4A and Geneve Computers, inducted on April 9, 2009

Clint Pulley is another gifted systems programmer from Canada who decided to apply his skills to our favorite TI-99/4A Home Computer. Prior to 1985 the TI-99/4A did not support the C programming language (view bio...)

Stephen Shaw

One of the UK's Most Famous TI-99/4A Personalities, inducted on June 8, 2013

In the UK, the name Stephen Shaw is synonymous with the TI-99/4A. Stephen Shaw has probably done more than anyone to promote the TI-99/4A in the UK and Europe, holding multiple positions on the committee of the TI*TIMES (formerly known as TIHOME) UK User Group; operating Stainless Software, the UK's only professional TI software distribution company; and authoring the 1983 book Getting Started with the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Home Computer(view bio...)

Jack Sughrue

TI Educator and Chronicler, inducted on July 18, 2009

Jack was a grade school teacher with a real love for our Home Computer. Before the TI-99/4A existed, Texas Instruments generously loaned him a TI-99/4, with the chiclet style keyboard, to use in his 5th-grade classroom (view bio...)

                   TI-Chips User Group

Established the Jim Peterson Achievement Awards, inducted on September 15, 2013

Of all that the Tl-Chips user group accomplished during their nearly twenty four years of existence, the most rewarding, to the Tl-Chips membership and to the TI99 community, was their unanimous decision in 1996 to host, finance, administrate and promote the prestigious Jim Peterson Achievement Awards. (view bio...)

Barry Traver

TI99er Extraordinaire, inducted on April 11, 2005

Barry Traver is legendary in the TI99ers community. A prolific writer, his articles and programs about and for the TI-99/4A have been published in MICROpendium, Computer Shopper, 99'er Home Computer Magazine (view bio...)

James Franklin Uzzell

Founder of DDI Software and prolific programmer in Myarc Advanced Basic, inducted on November 24, 2005

Doing business as DDI Software, Jim Uzzell provided some of the best and probably the most Myarc Advanced BASIC software available for the Myarc "Geneve" 9640 computer. (view bio...)

Cheryl "Regena" Whitelaw

"She put the Home in Home Computing", inducted on December 24, 2004

The usual question your friends asked after you told them you'd bought a computer for the home in the early eighties was: "That's all very nice, but what can you DO with it?" (view bio...)

Harry Wilhelm

TI-99/4A Programmer, inducted on May 12, 2008

Harry Wilhelm is a member of that select group of TI-99/4A Home Computer enthusiasts who found that when a book states that a certain procedure can not be done, they prove it wrong by proceeding to do it. (view bio...)

Thomas Wills

Enabler of Communication for TI99ers Around the World, inducted on November 7, 2009

Tom Wills is a well known and long established figure within the TI Community. Known as a skilled communicator and proactive contributor, he has throughout his nearly thirty year TI99er career enabled many (view bio...)

Winfried Winkler

Innovative German TI programmer, Inducted on November 8, 2011

Winfried Winkler was an important and skillful programmer in the German TI community. Bill Gaskill called him "The German Assembly language wizard". (view bio...)