Craig Miller
Creative TI Entrepreneur

photo of craig miller

Craig Miller brought the TI community a huge volume of high quality products: software, hardware and publications. In 1982 Craig Miller started his commercial activities for the TI-99/4A and founded, together with his wife Susan, the firm Millers Graphics. That name was later changed to MG. The company was based in San Dimas, California. Only some of the company's products were from his own hands, but he was far more than just a vendor of somebody else’s software and books. If you look at the manuals of the software he sold, you can see his contribution clearly. Craig Miller was a publisher, a writer, a programmer and first of all an entrepreneur. The products of his firm Millers Graphics make him indeed a prominent TI99er.

Craig also published a number of TI-99/4A related books. Some titles are:

In 1982 Craig Miller wrote several Games in Exbas and Assembler for the TI-99/4A and marketed these through his firm Millers Graphics. The most important were: Battle Over Titan, Blackbeard's Treasure, Casino Blackjack, The Crazy Fun House and The Pharaoh's Tomb. Later he wrote Alphabet Soup.


Craig Miller published and marketed three important utility programs for the TI-99/4A:
At the end of 1987 Craig left the TI community unexpectedly. One of his main reasons for quitting the TI99/4A market, was the appearance of certain 'track copiers' in the TI99/4A world, that could by-pass his disk protection system for his company's software. Currently the whereabouts of Craig Miller is not known.

Biography prepared by Berry Harmsen based on information from Bill Gaskill’s TI Timeline

Inducted into the TI99ers Hall of Fame on June 8, 2008