Chicago TI User Group
"A Super User Group" - The Oldest TI-99/4A User Group in United States

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In September 1980, the Chicago TI User Group ("CTIUG") was formed by Jerry Strauss as one of the first TI-99 User Groups in the United States and he became its first President. The CTIUG continues to meet monthly except during the summer months.

Over the years since the CTIUG founding, the user group had many accomplishments including their annual Chicago TI International World Faire ("Faire"), the oldest and longest running TI fair in the world. The Faire has always been a very popular venue among TI-99/4A vendors from all over the world and remains so to this day. The CTIUG had many other accomplishments including:

Events of note from past CTIUG Faires included:

Members of CTIUG who have made significant contributions to the TI99ers community include:

The induction certificate was presented at "The 27th Annual Chicago TI International World Faire" on October 17, 2009.

Biography prepared by Hall of Fame Board of Governors

Inducted into the TI99ers Hall of Fame on April 15, 2009