Beery Miller
Geneve 9640 Guru

photo of berry miller

Beery Miller is the Linus Torvalds of the TI world. Without Beery, the Geneve would have died on the vine, prematurely.

Beery's biggest accomplishment was the MDOS buyout. Many people today take for granted that the source code to MDOS is freely available. There was a time, when Paul Charlton, in a dispute with Myarc Inc., refused to do any more updates to MDOS or give Myarc the source code to do their own update. This impass stood for over a year. Finally, Beery brokered a deal whereby he would gather the money Paul wanted if Paul would release the source code to him. Beery, got many people to chip in to the fund and once enough funds were received, he flew to New York and personally was given a copy of the source code.

In addition to this accomplishment, he was also responsible for the following:

* Was Sysop for Genie - this was one of the most active meeting places for TI'ers at the time.
* Distributed PC-Transfer, Identifile, and Hypercopy, Hardback, GenASM, Global War, when these programs were very hard to find.
* Was a major contributor to MDOS development.
* Taught MDOS development at TI fairs.
* Wrote and later released for free Windows 9640 an open API for graphical development in MDOS.
* Wrote and distributed 9640 News.
* Fullfilled Lou Phillips obligation of releasing a "final" MDOS.
* Created and sold the 9640 CD, without which many Genie files would have been lost.

Needless to say, without Beery the Geneve would have been still born, and without the Geneve, many TI'ers would have left the fold, long before they did.

Click below to view a video of Beery Miller doing a '9640 News with new software for the Geneve' presentation at the Lima MUG Conference in 1990. (Courtesy of Bruce Maret of  Video 99 - About 57 Minutes)

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Biography prepared by Dan Eicher

Inducted to the TI99ers Hall of Fame on March 7, 2004