Winfried Winkler
Innovative German TI programmer

Winfried Winkler was an important and skillful programmer in the German TI community. Bill Gaskill called him "The German Assembly language wizard". His work is mainly based on the results of disassembling and interpreting the content of the GROM chips of the TI-99 console and TI modules like Extended Basic, Editor/Assembler and TI-Writer. For his starting point he used the content of Heiner Martin's book "TI 99/A Intern" and his GPL assembler and disassembler program. He found 'non-optimal code' in that content and created new ways to improve the performance of our computer by not using the standard ROM routines but re-inventing them in GPL instead.

Winfried was a member of the TI Club Berlin and worked together with a large number of TI assembler programmers and hardware designers. The most important projects developed by Winfried were:

Winfried Winkler was born on October 21, 1963 in Berlin. He studied Chemical Engineering at the Technische Hochschule of Berlin. He bought his first TI-99/4A for its superior mathematical routines and statistical capabilities, compared to other affordable home computers of that era and regardless of other drawbacks. He was able to make a link to the mainframe of his university so as to access email and news at home. His first TI games were the Infocom Text Adventures. He is still a fanatical gamer and loves Fantasy MMO Role Playing as well as Strategy Games. His other hobbies are reading and mountain hiking. He is also a member of a German gospel choir. Winfried is a bachelor and still lives in Berlin.

Biography prepared by Berry Harmsen
Inducted into the TI99'ers Hall of Fame on November 8, 2011