Harald Glaab
SNUG Programmer

photo of harald glaab

Harald Glaab is a very competent programmer who for over 20 years has contributed many very useful pieces of software to the TI community that are still in use today. He is the software side of the SNUG (System-99 User-Group) group and joins Michael Becker (the hardware side of the SNUG group) who was inducted to the TI99HOF on September 9, 2005.

Harald acquired his first TI-99/4A in 1982 and started assembly programming in 1984. He owns a complete SNUG TI system and does most of his TI-programming on a PC using the LGMA Cross Assembler 2.11 written by Alan Beard.

Harald's many accomplishments include:

Harald was born in 1964 and now lives in Aschaffenburg where he works at Deutsche Telekom, the major German phone company. He is married and they have a son and a daughter.


Inducted into the TI99ers Hall of Fame on January 24, 2011