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Timeline 99 -- 1992

JAN 1992:
  • Norm Sellers sends a test copy of GEN/DIR to MICROpendium who promises a review of the disk utility in their February issue. The review never appears and GEN/DIR also fails to surface among the users of the TI Community.
  • Comprodine (Rodger Merritt and Steve Mehr) of Fullerton, CA release their 1992 Software Catalog, which includes new products such as Artist Cardshop, War Zone II, Mine Field, and Backsteine Screens.
  • Long time TI Community supporter and major supplier of products, TexComp, of Northridge, CA is hit by a twister. Most TI inventory survives, but extensive damage is incurred by one of their two warehouse buildings.
  • Ron Markus, owner of Ramcharged Computers in Brook Park, OH announces that his firm has purchased all remaining stock of the PROSTICK joystick from Newport Controls in Newport, California.
  • Jean Louis Cangy of Sur Yon, France releases the FANATI drawing program in v1.2 for English and v1.3 for French users.
  • Rave 99 releases a new kit form of its Speech Syntheiszer adapter.
  • Ken Gilliland releases TI-Casino v3.3.
  • Comprodine releases Artist Carshop by Paul Coleman.
  • Don Shorock of Great Bend, KSs releases Son of Airtaxi, a flight navigational game with eight maps including Europe, Africa, South America, the West Indies, the Far East and Australia.
  • Don O'Neil opens Western Horizon Technologies in Gilroy, CA to repair 99/4A hardware and to develop new hardware for the computer.
  • Bill Gaskill releases a free database for use with Texaments Mail List Manager that contains over 1300 names and addresses of TI-99ers both current and historical, in TI-Base format.

FEB 1992:

  • Fest West '92 takes place on February 15th and 16th at the Days Inn at 502 West Camelback in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Chris Taylor, owner of The Taylor Company, announces Concept 99, an "advanced, expanded and multimedia" version of the TI-99/4A, at Fest-West. The computer's development is to be funded through the sale of the CONCEPT 99 line of software. Although none of the programs are yet released, Taylor asks for user input and down payment from prospective buyers.
  • Comprodine releases the all assembly language coded Color Banner Maker program written by Paul Coleman. It is designed specifically for the Star NX-1000 Rainbow printer.
  • Mark Wacholtz founds Media Ware Software company and announces the release of European Creatures, Page Pro Border Fonts, Artist Conversions, and the Graphic Grabber Print Module, which is an all new print routine for Bud Wright's Graphic Grabber label printer.
  • MICROpendium releases a disk containing 110 Extended Basic subroutines written by former columnist Jerry L. Stern.
  • Sam Carey of Software and More in Portland, Oregon releases Grafiks and Music, a disk of three graphics and four songs.
  • Chicago TI User Group founding member Grant B. Schmalgemeier dies at 70 years old on February 11th.
  • Lou Phillips is selected for the Hall of Fame by the Users Group of Orange County, California.
  • Joseph M. Syzdek releases Image Wise Display v3.0 for the Myarc Geneve computer.
  • PFC (Program File Compressor) from the Netherlands, written by a 99er named Holtman, is released in the United States. With PFC program image files (Editor/Assembler Option 5 files) can be run in compressed form.
  • PC/MS-DOS -- Microsoft Corporation announces that it’s Excel Spreadsheet 3.0 has been named Product of the Year by both Datamation and InfoWorld.

MAR 1992:

  • A committee of hardware manufacturers led by Don O'Neil releases a set of manufacturing standards that were first proposed at Fest-West '92 in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Jerry Petrulak, a TI supporter and long time participant on the Pittsburgh, PA's PUG BBS, dies on March 1st.
  • Harrison Software releases two MIDI-Master music Inventions by Johann Sebastian Bach.
  • T.I.C.O.F.F (TI Computer Owners Fun Fest) takes place on March 14th in Roselle Park, NJ.
  • Norm Sellers releases RECOVFIL, an Extended BASIC shareware utility designed to assist in modifying a file header to recover a damaged file.

APR 1992:

  • Bill Nelson 11662 Puryear Lane Garden Grove, CA 82648 (714-768-6425) begins offering the PANDA EXPANSION BOX, which is a PC like cabinet for TI Peripheral Expansion Box cards. The Panda is advertised for $278, or $238 with your TI PEB as a trade in.
  • Barry Boone releases a VOC file of Bill Clinton, saying, "I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and I didn't like it, and I didn't inhale...." It requires Barry Boone's Sound FX or OPA's DIGI-PORT program to use the file.
  • Bill Gaskill releases Card File Encyclopedia Demo, which is an index card style text data base. The demo includes 29 sample index cards from the Cartridge Software Library. Gaskill says that several additional libraries are planned for this program that will cover the history of the TI-99, its products, and the many supporters it has enjoyed. Requires 32K, XB, and disk system. Uses 40 Column Screen Display Utility by Brad Snyder.
  • Compute magazine (notice is is no longer named Compute!) goes metric in its publishing operations.
  • Andy Frueh releases DVM v3.01, a DV/80 text file document manager.

  • Don O’Neil provides a report on Fest-West ’92 that is published in the Mid-South 99er’s Tidbits newsletter on page 4.

  • Beery Miller proposes an MDOS buyout to Myarc Geneve owners. (midsouth,apr92,p.7)

  • The Milwaukee, WI 99ers "Hocus" newletter includes a time line of events leading up to the computer as we know it today.

MAY 1992:

  • Jim Peterson's Public Domain Software Catalog is released. It lists over 600 disks filled with TI-99/4A applications that can be purchased for $1.50 per disk.
  • The Milwaukee, WI 99ers "Hocus" newletter includes a time line of events leading up to the computer as we know it today.

JUN 1992:

  • The Accelerator, a mod for the TI-99/4A based upon the 99105 CPU chip, that was intended to provide additional operating speed, is officially declared ‘dead’ by Don O’Neil of Western Horizon Technologies.  The official announcement, “As of June 1992 the Accelerator as it was known in NO LONGER going to be available. Due to technical incompatibilities between the TMS99105 and the TI-99/4A, the Accelerator will not function without MAJOR modification to the 4A console. The original concept for the accelerator was to have a user install-able CPU upgrade, with the modifications needed to make the 99105 work in a 4A. It would no longer be install-able by the average TI’er. The cost of the unit was also determined to be out of the range of too many TI’ers, and thus the project has been canceled. HOWEVER, WHT is devoted to you the user and promises an upgrade for your 99/4A system. We will develop an INEXPENSIVE alternative to your 4A using the 9995 microprocessor (found in the Geneve) so you can enjoy 100% 4A compatibility with increased speed. We are currently researching such a project and NO decisions have been made about how it will be configured. We will keep you updated on this project as progress is made.” (NewJug 99er’s News August 1992, p.2)
  • Asgard Software releases a Page Pro 99 (and Page Pro related products) file specifications document to the TI Community.

JUL 1992:

  • On July 18, 1992, Glenn Bernasek, owner of KBCC Enterprises, announces to the TI Community that all of his software is 'conditionally' released to the Public Domain.
  • On July 25, 1992 TI Community favorite Mickey Schmitt marries Mike Cendrowski.
  • Asgard Software issues a press release announcing price reductions on certain software products, and a special offer on the Asgard Mouse, and the release of a new mouse compatible product for use with the TI-99/4A called Page Pro Page Composer.

AUG 1992:

SEP 1992:

  • Atari Corporation shows off the Falcon multimedia computer.
  • Judith Ann Rusher Muir, founder of the Mid-Mon Valley Computer Club in Pennsylvania, and long-time member of the West Penn 99ers, dies on September 23rd at age 51.

OCT 1992:

  • Asgard announces the immediate availability of the First Draft word processor by Art Gibson, and the AMS (Asgard Memory System 128/512K card) - which is the brainchild of former Techni-Graphics owner Jim Krych.
  • The popular commercial game Chainlink Solitaire, that was written by Walt Howe and Wayne Stith, is placed into public domain!

NOV 1992:

DEC 1992:

  • Brad Snyder of Walnutport, Pennsylvania releases AMS Packer, a Fairware program which will allow up to five Extended BASIC programs of up to 24K each remain in memory at the same time.
  • On December 24th, Jack Mathis of the SouthWest Ninety Niners User Group releases Disk Manager 1000 v6.1, which consists of his own modifications to the source code of the popular public domain program originally written by Bruce Caron in 1985. Version 6.1 includes several new options and a new menu scheme, and it corrects some bugs found in v6.0. Geneve users are told that they must run this program with Rompage.

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